Tile & Grout

Tile and Grout is today’s most popular solid surface for floors, backsplashes, and showers; virtually anywhere a home or business has need for an attractive and durable surface. There are thousands of tile & grout choices in a wide range of prices.

We talk with people everyday who are no longer happy with their floors and other solid surfaces. It seems that after a year or so, the floors are increasingly.....

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If you are having problems with your tile & grout, natural stone, concrete, or other hard surfaces, we can make it look clean and new again. That’s a promise! Give us a call today at 225-200-2868 or email us click here to receive your free, no hassle quote.

Natural Stone

We will inspect your stone, review wear patterns and perform tests to determine the type of stone and installation. After reviewing, we will restore a sample area as a demonstration. This will provide us with a precise understanding of the problem and give you a snapshot of what your stone surface should look like. We can also determine whether your stone should be sealed.

Natural stone is susceptible to stains from spills of soft drinks, coffee, soil from normal foot traffic, oils and many other things. It can be protected from these stains by the use......


Concrete often harbors algae, mold, mildew and other contaminates. Moisture in the concrete allows these plants and bacteria to thrive. If moisture is eliminated by sealing the concrete, then the environment that allows these pollutants to exist is destroyed.

Many concrete surfaces accumulate dirt so slowly that it's difficult to notice the change in appearance. But when a concrete surface is cleaned, it's often shocking how much better it looks....

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